I’m applying my design skills across scales and problems.

Over the years, I have worked on various projects ranging from urban design competitions and architecture studios, to software development and product design. These projects have sharpened my ability to think like a designer, challenged my curiosity, and helped me shape my platform.


Applying UX Principles in Climatetech

Lessons learned from building a compelling user experience for climate action.

How to think about building decarbonization

Lessons learned from using data and engaging users to qualify and execute on projects.

Architecture as a platform

Leveraging my architecture background to launch a career in climatetech.

Grid of the future

Visualizing the operations of a virtual power plant to illustrate what the future of the electrical grid could look like.

Daylit density

Developing a framework for performance-aware urban zoning and real estate development.

Minicity explorations

Exploring and evaluating the environmental performance of a new city.

Urban network analysis

Using graph theory and network analysis techniques to understand how cities work.

Resilient urban energy systems

Using computational design techniques to plan a net-zero-energy city under different densification scenarios.

Redesigning Klafthmonos Square

An innovative proposal for a major square in Central Athens.


Building software products like building physical spaces

Some parallels between architecture and software as a process.

Hello world (at last)

Why I am -finally- attempting to build my own personal website.

Towards 'Design 2.0'

A theoretical exploration of the architectural process in the age of digital networks.