Redesigning Klafthmonos Square

An innovative proposal for a major square in Central Athens.

How can we propose a bold vision for the Athenian public space while respecting the historical and cultural context?

Through the bleak landscape that has been shaped by the collapse of the economy, the city of Athens emerges in social and cultural crisis. The consequences of this phenomenon are reflected in the already discredited public space of the city, condemning it to rampant degradation.

In this context, we chose to deal with the historic center of Athens, focusing on Klafthmonos Square, a chaotic area with occasional function, cut-off from the urban environment and unregistered to the collective memory of the city’s inhabitants.

After mapping the intervention site, we proposed a new square with uninterrupted flows, good visibility, natural ventilation, sunlight throughout the year, and materials that evoke a sense of warmth and hospitality.

This project was developed with Mariana Bisti for our Diploma Thesis at NTUA Architecture.